Kitchen Construction, Installation & Component

Kitchen Construction, Installation & Kitchen Components

You’re all excited.

Your chosen kitchen contractor is due to ‘install’ your kitchen today. You have shuffled things around in your diary, just so you can be there.

The team arrives and promptly starts to build the kitchen components right there on-site. Yes, their kitchen quotation was cheaper, but this is going to take ages …

Were are you going to cook now?

You had in mind a couple of days eating take-out, but weeks? All that mess, noise and having to deal with workers traipsing in and out of your house for a week or more. Not exactly what you had in mind!

At Capital Kitchens, we have our own dedicated factory. We build your kitchen components according to the design plans, using the right tools for the job. In a factory designed for building kitchen and furniture components.

When we build your kitchen cabinets, we use the best quality materials and components from industry renowned and proven suppliers. We don't use cheaper or inferior materials just to make a few extra bucks.

When we arrive at your place to install, everything is ready for installation. The Kitchen Components have been built in our factory therefore there are No unnecessary building of kitchen components on-site. On arrival, we are ready to install your kitchen components from the approved kitchen design.

That means we are in and out, in as much time it takes to get your kitchen installed. And you are free to enjoy your dream kitchen by the end of the day.