Kitchen Design

Kitchen Design - Prevent those unforeseen mistakes

Your kitchen is the soul of your house. A place for more than just preparing and cooking meals. It’s a place where family and friends hang around while meals are prepared.

Your kitchen design has to be placed in the context of your home and lifestyle.

Design considerations, that take into account what happens when you have friends around for a meal. When you’re putting the finishing touches to the meal and your guests are milling about, sipping on a glass of wine while you’re chatting.

    • Does the design separate the wine-drinking guests from the action in the kitchen? Does it force your guests to stare at your back while you’re cooking?
    • Kids hanging around doing homework while you prepare the evening meal?
    • Does the design create a kitchen that includes, both a workspace and a casual hanging-out space? What about plug points for tablets and smart phone chargers?
    • The kitchen triangle? Where are you going to put the roast when you take it out of the oven?
    • Kitchen ventilation hoods? Impossible to clean?
    • Do you want to be inspired by the view while washing the dishes? If that’s not an option, does the sink allow you to face the people you are chatting to while you’re washing up?

Light! So many forget how important, the right kind and amount of light, in the right places, is to making your kitchen a pleasure or a nightmare.

When you engage with Capital Kitchens to design your kitchen, we bring our design experience to bear. We help you consider all the oft neglected aspects of a great kitchen. More importantly, we know when a kitchen is being over-designed - losing it’s soul.