Why we are different

Three things you can count on ...

There are three things you can hold Capital Kitchens to account on:

    • We design a kitchen for you that'll fit your lifestyle, not just the walls of your room.
    • We manufacture kitchens using proven designs, quality products and materials. No "cheapies" or shortcuts.
    • We won't leave you high and dry when there is a problem.

Kitchen disasters and shortcuts

For many kitchen manufacturers, there’s enormous extra profit to be made in the “shortcuts” that a client would rarely know to look out for in a kitchen installation.

Installing or upgrading your kitchen is a costly exercise in anyone’s book. Living with an expensive kitchen, where you later discover you’ve been shortchanged, is not a situation you want to find yourself in.

We’ve developed a shortlist of questions to ask your potential kitchen installation companies, that’ll help you avoid being shortchanged:

What brands of kitchen hardware do you quote and install?

Cheaply manufactured baskets, drawer runners and door hinges may feel and look the same when they are new. It’s only as your kitchen ages, that you start to see the difference. Long after the standard guarantee has run out.

Specifying and installing quality brands is a thing many kitchen companies shortchange their clients on. Don’t be the one shortchanged.

Is each cabinet section self contained?

Cabinets are individually constructed prior to installation.

The most common, cost cutting scam, kitchen manufacturers pull on unsuspecting clients, is to skimp on material usage. The end result may look similar, but the structure is weaker. Given time, and your doors will hang skew and not close, etc.

Here’s a few of the most common signs of being shortchanged:

    • There is no backing material on rear of the cabinets.
    • There is only a single divider board on adjoining cabinets.
    • Centre mullions are missing.
    • Shelving lacks intermediate supporting braces.

What material do they use for the kick plates?

This is an important question.

The kick plates are installed between the floor and cabinet.

When the floor is mopped (or worse, liquid is spilt), it washes up against the kick plates. If the material used for the kick plate is not the correct material (and it usually isn’t), then it will start to swell, then crumble.

It’s not long before the kitchen starts falling apart after the kick plates start deteriorating.

The end result of these shortcuts?

Your kitchen is not cheaper because they charged you less, it’s cheaper because they use less and/or cheaper material – at your expense.

You may pay more for your kitchen at Capital Kitchens, but you are paying a fair price for the quality products and workmanship you receive.

Book today and we'll demonstrate all the common pitfalls you'll avoid when you use Capital Kitchens.